Positional Words

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33 positional words on posters featuring superheroes saving the day!

Use these posters to discuss positional words. The posters work together to tell three stories that can be used to introduce positional words. The first about a bank robber. The second, a girl needing saving and the third a sidekick that gets trained and then catches a train robber.

Display the posters on the wall as a great feature in your classroom to remind students of the words.

Cut the individual cards and laminate for use in activities. The background colour of each word matches the posters.

Included are:

  • 16 positional word posters featuring 33 words (16 pages)
  • 33 positional word cards (8 pages)

All posters can be seen in the thumbnails. Please have a good look to make sure they suit your classes needs before purchasing

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