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This is a complete bundle for teaching problem solving! 
Each strategy includes a PowerPoint with tips for solving problems and eleven questions. Each slide contains a hyperlink to the answer, hyperlink back to the question and also a hyperlink to a hint and back. The same questions in the PowerPoint are also provided in a PDF document for printing as task cards. Each problem is one page so you can have the freedom to choose the size e.g. print 2 or 4 to a page for smaller cards. A worksheet with similar questions is also included with an answer key for each strategy. Use as an assessment sheet, consolidation activity or homework. Use this problem solving package as a unit, do a few questions daily or use in maths centres/rotations. 

This resource is most suitable for years 4 and 5. However I have used it with year 6s (they just work through it quicker) and year 3s (who need a little extra guidance). I have also picked out selected questions to use with year 1s and 2s.

Bundle Includes:

  • 10 PowerPoints (PPT) -1 for each strategy (310 pages)
  • 10 Task Card Sets- 1 for each strategy (310 pages)
  • 10 Worksheets- 1 for each strategy (10 pages)
  • 9 problem solving strategy posters with key points (9 pages)
  • 1 strategy list poster (1 page)
  • 1 problem solving steps poster (1 page)
  • 5 'other words for operation posters' (6 pages)
  • Explanation pages (2 pages)

Strategies covered are:

  • Logic and Reasoning
  • Act it Out
  • Draw a Picture or Diagram
  • Make a List or Table
  • Find a Pattern
  • Work Backwards
  • Write a Number Sentence
  • Guess and Check
  • Break it into Parts
  • Choose Your Own Strategy

Please note, each of the 10 strategy packs included in this bundle can be purchased individually.

Please also note, if you are not working with the most up to date version of PPT then items may display different within the PPT presentations. If this causes concern display the PDF file instead.


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