Shopping Game- Identifying Coins

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This is a fun and engaging way to practice identifying coins.

Set up the five shops around the room and select students to be the shop keepers. The other students are given money from the bank and go around shopping for items. They are given a card to take with them of each item they have purchased.

Prep: Choose either the A3 or A4 version to print and laminate. The A3 version has each shop as one single piece where as the A4 version splits it into 2 sections.


  • Explanation (1 page)
  • 5 shops plus 'stock' A3 version (7 pages)
  • 5 shops plus 'stock' A4 version (8 pages)

You might like to challenge the students to buy an item from every store or have them buy as many items as possible in a set time limit. You can adjust the difficulty of the game by having them purchase more than one item in each transaction or by giving them notes only and the store keepers have to give change.

Aligned to the Australian Curriculum for Year 1. Please note this product was designed with Australian coins in mind.


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