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These sight word activity sheets each feature five common sight words increasing in complexity.

The first 20 sheets feature the same task and the last 10 have different tasks including read it, trace it, write it, find it, make it and complete it.

Activity Sheet List 2b is included twice for the spelling of mum/mom (page 5/6).

Words covered:

I, am, in, at, in, it, is, am, on, up, us, if, its, cat, hot, red, mum/mom, big, dad, dog, get, yes, not, him, did, ran, got, sun, but, had, man, sit, cut, run, let, six, yet, bed, stop, best, and, from, just, went, help, long, jump, old, hold, ten, that, this, then, with, much, wish, thank, see, today, day, may, say, play, way, away, will, tell, pick, bring, sing, things, soon, he, look, three, good, sleep, green, the, been, so, no, go, me, be, her, my, going, we, to, do, of, or, you, for, was, by, some, are, said, here, have, come, both, one, they, his, there, your, where, four, were, goes, what, live, fall, drink, small, still, seven, less, upon, well, open, off, which, all, car, call, far, part, find, start, saw, draw, under, black, sister, make, never, came, every, name, & kind.

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