Sight Words Pack- Flash Cards, Activity Sheets, Checklists and More!

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This sight word package contains all the resources you will need to run an effective sight word program in your class. Starting off with individual and whole class checklists, assessment cards for the students to read off, small and large sight word cards and tips on how to make and use mastery folders in your class. It also includes 30 activity sheets each covering 5 sight words.

✩Both an American English and Australian English version have been included.

✩The font is currently foundation but I am happy to change it into other fonts on request. An editable version of the whole class check-list has been included as bonus but I take no responsibility for formatting errors as different computers may display it differently. The rest of the documents are in PDF format and are not editable.

Included are:
♦ Explanation (6 pages)
♦ Individual student checklists (2 pages)
♦ Activity sheets (30 pages)
♦ Assessment cards (10 pages)
♦ Large flash cards (51 pages)
♦ Small cards (25 page)
♦ List card holders for storage (7 page)
♦ Whole class checklist (in PDF and editable word (10 pages)
*Everything listed above is provided in Australian and American English and not counted in the page count)

Parts of this package are sold separately.

↠This file is zipped. Once downloaded right click the file and select ‘extract all’ to open. ↞
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