Stapleless Stapler

Product Type: Hard Good

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Stop running around searching for staples! Never run out again with the stapleless stapler.

It binds paper together by punching a small hole in the paper and a tab that attaches the paper together. 

Works with up to 5 pages.

It works great for attaching student worksheets together. Really good for lending to students who love to make envelopes but you are sick of wasting your staples or sticky tape.

It's also really good for the environment. Who knew that those little staples could add up to so much metal! But Change the World 9 to 5 (2007) found that if every offer worker in Australia saved one staple a day, that would be 88.3 tonnes of steel saved a year. 

Instructions for use:

Use on the side of the paper (do not insert the corner) and press down fully (2nd click). If you don't press down all the way, the tab will not lock in place.

Terms of Use:


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