Timed Maths- Fractions & Decimal Fluency Practice for All Operations

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This mental maths resource focuses on fluency practice for decimals and fractions containing 15 levels practicing all operations (multiplication, division, addition and subtraction) with a focus on fluency and speed.


Each level has 90 practice questions. Students are given an allotted amount of time to complete as many questions as they can. Students record the amount the answered on the recording sheet for each day of the week then start at the next the question the following day.


Levels increase in difficulty and include, but are not limited to, basic facts. Once the first level is complete students move to the next level.


Answer keys have been included for all levels. Either the teacher or the student can mark but I find it is more efficient for the teacher to mark. Instead of correcting the students mistakes highlight the questions and get them to fix their own mistake during the next session.

    Level 1: common fraction addition
    Level 2: decimal addition tenths
    Level 3: common fraction subtraction (pg. 1) mixed subtraction and addition (pg. 2)
    Level 4: decimal subtraction (pg. 1) mixed subtraction and addition (pg. 2) no carry
    Level 5: decimal addition (pg. 1) subtraction (pg. 2)
    Level 6: decimal addition with carry hundredth
    Level 7: fraction addition with mixed denominators
    Level 8: decimal multiplication (10/1000/1000)
    Level 9: decimal division (10/100/1000)
    Level 10: fraction multiplication
    Level 11: decimal multiplication 1, 2, 3
    Level 12: percentage of (pg. 1) fraction of (pg. 2)
    Level 13: percentages off of (pg. 1) fraction off of (pg. 2)
    Level 14: mixed all signs easy
    Level 15: mixed all signs difficult

     35 pages plus answer keys (33 pages)

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