Tooth Package- Lost Teeth Chart, Brushing Teeth Chart, Cards and Worksheets!

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This bright, colourful and entertaining tooth package features:

  • Lost Teeth Chart (2 x black and white, 5 colour and 1 x teeth).
    Use for a year-long whole-class display.
  • Brush Your Teeth Chart (2 x black and white and 5 colours).
    Distribute these for students to use at home. Laminate to allow students to reuse week after week. Students can add stickers each time they brush their teeth or tick the chart.
  • Today I Lost a Tooth Card (1x black and white and 4 x colour).
    Fill these out when students lose a tooth in your class. Attach the tooth using sticky tape to the star to ensure it gets home safely. Assist the student in working out which type of tooth they lost.
  • Brushing Teeth Comprehension (1 x black and white and 1 x answer key).
    Complete this sheet to educate students about why and how to brush their teeth.
  • Tooth Brainstorm (1 x black and white).
    Use this as an introductory activity to teeth. This activity can also be done in pairs.
  • My Teeth Chart (1 x simple, 1 x harder, 1 x poster/answer key).
    Select the desired worksheet level (the more simple worksheet has fewer labels and fewer teeth for younger students who are not going to have first and second molars) and have students complete to educate them about the different teeth in the mouth. Use the chart to assist students in labelling their teeth.
  • Tooth Word Search (1 x black and white and 1 x answer key).
    Use as an activity teaching vocabulary words or use as an early finisher activity.

Please note, worksheets are probably not suitable for Kindergarten. 

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