Word of the Day/Week - Vocabulary Display or Activity + Worksheets

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Help your students visually learn new words! Print, cut, laminate and then display on a classroom board. Choose your heading (Week/Day) and which information headings you want to include.

You can then fill out the whole display and then discuss with students or fill it in together. Alternatively, present the word and get the students to fill in as much of the information as they can on paper and mark. If on a whiteboard, use a whiteboard marker, or chalk on a blackboard to fill out.

This activity can be done as many times a week as desired and makes for great morning work, literacy centre or quick whole class activity.

Contents of this package:

  • Explanation Page (1 page)
  • Vocabulary Sheets (many only have slight differences (12 pages)
  • Display title (3 pages)
  • Example Texts (6 pages)

Please note, this package does not contain words to use.

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