Year 1 HASS Seasons and Weather Unit- Geography

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This HASS Seasons and Weather Unit features fun, engaging and cooperative learning strategies for exploring weather and seasons including those used by Aboriginals and Torre Strait Islanders.
It consists of 9 lessons to be speed across 9-weeks. This unit includes looking at Aboriginal seasons and resources have been included for the Anangu, Miriwoong, Noongar and Yolgnu People. Teachers are able to pick the tribe most relevant to their location. There is a wide range of spellings for each of these tribe names and their seasons. I have chosen the most commonly used spellings for this resource. To keep lessons simple and succinct, the planner features five to six steps for each lesson. This unit has been a consistent hit every year with my students. Teachers need to use their own skill to ensure the lessons remain explicit and teaching opportunities are not missed.

Unit Includes:

  • Planner (6 page)
  • Worksheets (33 pages)
  • Resources (66 pages)

Australian Curriculum Alignment:

  • Geography: ACHASS032
  • Inquiry Skills: ACHASSI018, ACHASSI019, ACHASSI020, ACHASSI021, ACHASSI022, ACHASSI024, ACHASSI025 and ACHASSI027


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