Year 2 Australian Curriculum Maths Revision Sheets

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Product Description

In this pack you will find 25 mathematics sheets that review Year 2 Australian curriculum content.


✩ Every Year 2 Australian Curriculum Maths outcome is addressed within this pack.


✩You could print this pack out and make into a work booklet for the last few weeks of school or pick and choose which pages to use. Many of the pages could be printed 2 to a page to save on paper (go to your printer settings to do this). You could also laminate the pages to serve as early finisher activities or a maths centre activity.


✩ Please note that these revision sheets are the exact same style as my Christmas and Easter version.


Included are:

♦ Skip Counting

♦ Bird Counting (501-580 )

♦ Ordering Numbers

♦ Place Value 1 and 2

♦ Turn Arounds

♦ Secret Message 1 and 2 (Adding & Subtracting)

♦ Multiplication

♦ Division

♦ Fractions

♦ Shopping (Adding coins)

♦ Patterns

♦ Word Problems

♦ Measuring 1 and 2

♦ Time

♦ Calendar (2018, 2019 & 2020 versions)

♦ 2D shapes

♦ 3D shapes

♦ Directions

♦ Slides, flips and Turns

♦ Probability

♦ Graphing 1 and 2

♦ Answer keys


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