Year 3/4 Composite Maths Program Bundle- Australian Curriculum

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Teaching two lessons simultaneously is near on impossible. No one should be expected to plan and deliver two separate maths lesson each day to try and cover the Australian Curriculum outcomes for both year levels.

Enter my composite maths bundles.

Instead of teaching two separate lessons, you only have to teach one! Cover all the Australian Curriculum content from both year levels with one simple lesson a day.

Our comprehensive bundle introduces new concepts weekly while ensuring a smooth progression through the curriculum. Each module builds upon the necessary foundational knowledge before transitioning to the next concept, maintaining a logical and cohesive learning journey.

We provide a suggested order for optimal utilisation, yet each program is fully self-contained, allowing for standalone teaching, offering you the flexibility you need.

Within each weekly program, you'll discover five carefully planned lessons, along with supplementary recommendations for additional practice. Commencing with a review of prior concepts, these lessons aim to instill confidence in every student's mathematical abilities.

Engaging a variety of cooperative learning strategies, games, worksheets, and activities, our lessons are designed to captivate young minds. While some programs may include worksheets, not every lesson relies on them, ensuring a dynamic and diverse learning experience. Each week culminates in an assessment task (usually one for both year leves), providing you with a clear understanding of your students' progress and achievements.

They also come equipped with a grading guide (A-E) for each year level specifically designed to correspond with the end-of-module assessments. Additionally, editable PowerPoints, provide dynamic visual aids to support your instructional journey. Customisable learning intentions and success criteria further empower educators to ensure clear and focused lesson objectives.

As a bonus, alongside the 40 weeks of extensive math lessons, you'll receive our highly sought-after Mathematics Tests for both year levels. These tests can be utilised at the beginning of the year and before reporting periods, ensuring comprehensive evaluation and growth tracking.

Dive into this bundle and free yourself from the burden of planning, equipped with a year's worth of structured and comprehensive math resources designed to empower both educators and students.

All the maths programs included in the bundle are also available for separate purchase here.

  • 1 x Shapes Program 
  • 2 x Symmetry Program
  • 2 x Measurement Program
  • 2 x Statistics Program
  • 2 x Maps Program
  • 3 x Time Program
  • 2 x Angles Program
  • 3 x Fractions Program
  • 2 x Chance Program
  • 5 x Operations Program
  • 2 x Number Patterns Program
  • 2 x Area & Volume Program
  • 5 x Place Value Program
  • 1 x Maths Revision 
  • 1 x Easter Revision 
  • 1 x Christmas Revision
  • 9 x Year 3 Maths Tests  
  • 9 x Year 4 Maths Test

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