Year 4 Operations Maths Program

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This Operations Maths Program features fun, engaging, educational and cooperative learning strategies for teaching operations to Year 4 students towards the beginning of the year. 
This is a one week, featuring 5 lessons. To keep lessons simple and succinct, the planner features five to six steps for each lesson. My maths programs may include worksheets but there is not one for every lesson. Teachers need to use their own skill to ensure the lessons remain explicit and teaching opportunities are not missed.

Program Includes:

  • Maths Program (4 pages)
  • Resources (60 pages)


Australian Curriculum Alignment:

Number & Algebra:

  • Recall multiplication facts up to 10 x 10 and related division facts (ACMNA075)
  • Develop efficient mental and written strategies and use appropriate digital technologies for multiplication and division where there is no remainder (ACMNA076)
  • Solve word problems by using number sentences involving multiplication or division where there is no remainder (ACMNA082)
  • Find unknown quantities in number sentences involving addition and subtraction and identify equivalent number sentences involving addition and subtraction (ACMNA083)

Please note, this program shares a large overlap with the Year 3 program.

This maths program aligns with Week 10 Term 1 of my Term Planners. 

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