Year 6 Probability Maths Program

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Introducing our set of Probability Maths Programs for year 6 students where they conduct chance experiments and list the outcomes as fractions, decimals and percentages. This digital downloadable resource aligns with the Australian Curriculum and consists of two engaging modules, spanning across 10 lessons, designed to be taught over the course of a year. Crafted with interactive and cooperative learning strategies, these programs aim to captivate and educate young minds effectively.

Aligned with both version 9 and version 8.4 of the Australian Curriculum, our version 9 programs come equipped with a grading guide (A-E) specifically designed to correspond with the end-of-module assessments. Additionally, editable PowerPoints accompany each lesson, providing dynamic visual aids to support your instructional journey. Customisable learning intentions and success criteria further empower educators to ensure clear and focused lesson objectives.

Each lesson planner is thoughtfully structured with five to six concise steps, fostering simplicity and clarity in your teaching approach. While some lessons include worksheets, not every session relies on them. Instead, our programs encourage educators to leverage their expertise, ensuring explicit instruction and maximizing teaching opportunities.


Included are: 

  • 2 x Maths Programs (8 pages)
  • Resources (20+ pages)
  • Editable Grading Guide (Version 9 only)
  • Editable PowerPoints (Version 9 only) 
  • Editable planners (Version 9 only)
  • Editable Learning Intentions and Success Criteria (Version 9 only)


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    Australian Curriculum Outcomes Covered: 

    Version 9:


    Recognise that probabilities lie on numerical scales of 0 – 1 or 0% – 100% and use estimation to assign probabilities that events occur in a given context using common fractions, percentages and decimals (AC9M6P01)

    Conduct repeated chance experiments and run simulations with an increasing number of trials using digital tools; compare observations with expected results and discuss the effect on variation of increasing the number of trials (AC9M6P02)

    Version 8.4:

    • Statistics & Probability:
      • Describe probabilities using fractions, decimals and percentages (ACMSP144)
      • Conduct chance experiments with both small and large numbers of trials using appropriate digital technologies (ACMSP145)
      • Compare observed frequencies across experiments with expected frequencies (ACMSP146)


    This Maths Program aligns with my Term Planners. 


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