Year 7 Australian Curriculum Biological Science Unit V9

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A 10 week unit (10 lessons) where students classify organisms and examine the influencing factors and relationships within ecosystems, covering the Australian Curriculum version 9 outcomes for Biological Sciences.


It is a 10 lesson unit (designed to be taught over a term) that contains all lesson resources, including worksheets and posters.


The editable planner includes relevant Australian Curriculum links and resources needed column.


This Science unit also contains an editable PowerPoint presentation that can be displayed during each lesson. It includes the learning intentions/success criteria, key discussion points, worksheets and display resources. This makes teaching every lesson even easier if your classroom has a T.V or Smartboard.


The lessons are kept simple and succinct, five to six steps each, to help you save time. The clear instructions highlight the key points, allowing you to focus on the students and make the most of the learning opportunities.


Mrs Amy123 is known for its fun and engaging lessons that involve a wide range of cooperative learning strategies. This means that some lessons will not feature worksheets, though many will. The unit is made as hands-on as possible, including class and small group experiments.


This unit also includes a grading guide that shows what each grade (A-E) would look like based on two activities from the unit. This document is also linked to the Achievement Standard for Year 7 Science.


Included are:

  • Editable Planner (7 pages)
  • Lesson resources including answer keys (46 pages)
  • Editable Grading Guide (1 page)
  • Editable learning intentions and success criteria
  • Editable PowerPoint Presentation (100+ pages)


Outcomes Covered:

  • Biological Sciences: · Investigate the role of classification in ordering and organising the diversity of life on Earth and use and develop classification tools including dichotomous keys (AC9S7U01)
  • Use models, including food webs, to represent matter and energy flow in ecosystems and predict the impact of changing abiotic and biotic factors on populations (AC9S7U02)
  • Science Endeavour: Explain how new evidence or different perspectives can lead to changes in scientific knowledge (AC9S7H01)

Investigate how cultural perspectives and world views influence the development of scientific knowledge (AC9S7H02)

Examine how proposed scientific responses to contemporary issues may impact on society and explore ethical, environmental, social and economic considerations (AC9S7H03)

Explore the role of science communication in informing individual viewpoints and community policies and regulations (AC9S7H04)



  • Inquiry Skills: Develop investigable questions, reasoned predictions and hypotheses to explore scientific models, identify patterns and test relationships (AC9S7I01)

Plan and conduct reproducible investigations to answer questions and test hypotheses, including identifying variables and assumptions and, as appropriate, recognising and managing risks, considering ethical issues and recognising key considerations regarding heritage sites and artefacts on country/place (AC9S7I02)

Select and use equipment to generate and record data with precision, using digital tools as appropriate (AC9S7I03)

Select and construct appropriate representations, including tables, graphs, models and mathematical relationships, to organise and process data and information (AC9S7I04)

Analyse data and information to describe patterns, trends and relationships and identify anomalies (AC9S7I05)

Construct evidence-based arguments to support conclusions or evaluate claims and consider any ethical issues and cultural protocols associated with using or citing secondary data or information (AC9S7I07)

Write and create texts to communicate ideas, findings and arguments for specific purposes and audiences, including selection of appropriate language and text features, using digital tools as appropriate (AC9S7I08)



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