3D Objects/Shape Nets

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This resource includes 3D object/shape nets for your students to colour and construct

Each net includes space for students to write down the number of faces, edges, and corners/vertices along with the shape name.

Each 3D net is offered in two styles. Pages 3- 9 have simpler designs that are best for younger students featuring large, easy-to-glue tabs.

Pages 10-16 have more difficult shapes to cut out, but they construct neater shapes.

These same options are then given again with the word vertices instead of corners.

Shapes included are:

  • Cylinder
  • Cone
  • Cube
  • Prism (Rectangular and Pentagonal)
  • Pyramid (Square Based and Triangular Based)

Please note, this resource does not cover apex, curved or straight edges and faces.

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