Aboriginal Readers Theatre Scripts- Contact with Other Cultures

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These 5 readers theatre scripts explore the initial contact between Australian Aboriginals and other cultures. including the Macassans and Europeans. It also looks into the stories of prominent Aboriginals Yagan, Bennelong and Pemulwuy.

Please note, no instructions on how to use this resource have been included. Uses can include assigning groups a script and giving them time to rehearse before performing in front of their peers. You could then ask questions about the play to the audience.

Pack Includes:

  • Overview (1 page)
  • Scripts (10 pages)

Australian Curriculum Alignment: 

  • This links well with the Australian Curriculum HASS learning aspects and is great to use during NAIDOC Week.

Please note: Liberties have been taken where there was limited or conflicting information in regards to the accuracy of the information in these plays along with other storytelling devices to make them suitable as readers theatre scripts.

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