Australian Curriculum Year 1 /2 Ultimate Composite Bundle

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Want to have more time for yourself and your family? Want to feel like you have conquered the Australian Curriculum and are doing the best by your students?

This Australian Curriculum Year 1/2 Ultimate Composite Bundle is a collection of all my units that combine the outcomes for Year 1 & 2 into easy to teach units. This bundle is guaranteed to make juggling two sets of learning outcomes so much easier!

This ultimate bundle also comes with editable planners, learning intentions, and a grading guide! So, if teaching a split class has you stressed out to the max, this bundle is the solution.

Includes planners aligned to version 8.4 and version 9 of the Australian Curriculum. WA teachers, continue to use 8.4 as this aligns with SCSA curriculum.

Bundle Includes:

5 Text Type Units:

  • Persuasive Writing Unit
    In this unit, students learn about the elements of a persuasive writing text and how to effectively construct their own.
  • Narrative Writing Unit
    In this unit, students learn about the elements of a narrative text and how to effectively construct their own engaging narrative.
  • Poetry Writing Unit
    In this unit, students' creativity is sparked as they learn to write different types of poems. 
  • Procedure Writing Unit
    In this unit, students learn to write and analyse procedural texts.
  • Report Writing Unit
    In this unit, students learn to write and analyse procedural texts.

4 HASS Units:

  • Version 9 units are:

    ♦ Caring for Places

    Students explore how places change and are cared for and their interconnections to different groups including First Nation Australians.

    ♦ Daily Lives

    Students examine the similarities and differences between daily lives and days past including changing technology.

    ♦ Significant People and Places

    Students explore how family roles and structures have changed over time and examine the importance of a significant person or place.

    ♦ Local Places

    Students identify features of places, their location and geographical divisions, and how people and place are interconnected.


    Version 8.4 units are:

    ♦ Lives Past and Present

    ♦ Weathers and Seasons (This is identically to the Year 1 Weather and Seasons unit - no changes have been made)

    ♦ Significant People and Places

    ♦ Earth (This is identical to the Year 2 Earth unit- no changes have been made)

6 Science Units:

  • Version 9 units are:

    ♦ Biological Science- 10 lessons (this is the Year 1 Biological Science unit as there is not a year 2 Biology outcome).

    ♦ Physical Science -2 mini units x 5 lessons each (one focuses on Year 1 outcome, other focuses on Year 2 outcome)

    ♦ Chemical Science - 10 lessons (this is the Year 2 Chemical Science unit as there is not a Year 1 Chemical Science outcome).

    ♦ Earth and Science - 10 lessons (combination of year 1 and 2 outcomes).

4 Technologies Units:

  • Materials Unit
    Students explore how characteristics and properties of materials and components are used to produce design solutions.
  • Plants & Animals Unit
    Students explore how plants and animals are grown for food, clothing and shelter, and how food is selected and prepared for healthy eating.
  • Communications Safety Unit
    Students learn about the importance of online safety.
  • Digital Systems & Algorithms Unit
    Students explore digital systems for a purpose and follow, describe, and represent algorithms.

3 Health Units

  • Feelings and Self Unit
    In this unit, students describe their personal qualities and how different situations influence emotional responses.
  • Keeping Healthy Unit
    In this unit, students identify and practise emotional responses and describe their own strengths and achievements.
  • Keeping Safe
    In this unit, students practise strategies they can use when they feel uncomfortable, unsafe or need help with a task or problem.

Also includes:

  • Australian Curriculum Checklists
  • Term Planners
  • Planner Explanations and Teacher and Learning Strategies
What are you waiting for? Save yourself loads of time and stress with this Australian Curriculum aligned Year 1/2 Ultimate Composite Unit Bundle!

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