Business Financial Planning Activity

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In this real-world activity, students run a small (pretend) business where they buy supplies from a wholesaler and then sell them.

They fill in financial plans and have to calculate their earnings. Students practice multiplication, addition, subtraction, financial plans, fractions, chance, data, probability and estimation in this fun activity.

You will need to explain to students the components of a financial plan before conducting this activity.

This activity can be played multiple times as students develop a greater understanding of what will help get them a greater profit. Students are not guaranteed to make a profit in this activity.

It is recommended that younger students use a calculator.

Pack Includes:

  • Outline (1 page)
  • Wholesalers stock list (1 page)
  • Financial plans (2 pages)
  • Weekly earnings report (4 pages)
  • Sales chance page (1 page)
  • Reflection Sheet (1 page)

Australian Curriculum Alignment:

  • This was designed to address the year 5 ACARA outcome: ACMNA106.

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