First Fleet Journey Writing Prompts

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This resource takes students on the journey with the first fleet as they venture to Australia. Students take on a character and write their way through key points in the journey and during early settlement.

Each of the 11 prompts features factual information and then questions to prompt writing.

Use this resource as a daily writing activity or creative writing exercise that gets published. Practice descriptive writing, narrative writing, or general grammar practice. Create a short story or novel.

There is a slide that prompts the teacher to discuss with the students what they are allowed to include. This needs to be based on student age and school values as to what can be included.

Please note, that background information such as the layout of the ships, clothing, reasons why convicts were convicted etc are not included in this resource. It is recommended that students have prior knowledge of the first fleet or access to research information before undertaking this activity.

Included are:

  • Instructions (5 pages)
  • 11 Prompts (11 pages)

Australian Curriculum Alignment: 

  • Links to Australian Curriculum Year 4 aspect: History: ACHASSK085

Please note, this activity is included in the Year 4 HASS Explorers Unit. 


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