NAPLAN Revision Quizzes-Year 7

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These 12 quizzes can be used once per day until NAPLAN in term 2 or one per week from the start of the year to revise all the concepts year 7 students need to know.

They allow students to become familiar with the question structure, providing them with the fullest chance to display their ability in the test.

Each quiz covers particular topics from grammar and spelling to make revision easy and focused. Download the preview file to see what each test covers.

Each quiz is based around specific concepts, so you can easily summarise one week's learning and/or pick up on gaps in students knowledge. The quizzes should take an average student approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Included are:

  • Explanation page (1 page)
  • NAPLAN Revision Planner (1 page)
  • 12 quizzes (12 pages)
  • Answer Keys (12 pages)

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