Year Long Vocabulary Bundle- Word Lists, Flash Cards & Activities

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Help your students broaden their vocabulary with this pack of word lists, flash cards, activities and displays. It contains 76 word lists covering 72 topics.

✩Each list has 24 words and all but 4 come with an upper and lower version for you to choose between (or do both to cover a wider range of words).

✩ Each list also includes an editable PowerPoint that contains everything you need in it to successfully introduce the words to the students. It has the word used in sentences, definition, antonyms, synonyms, morphology and segmentation. I've done all the thinking for you!

✩The pack has a recommend guide for how to learn the words during the week and has some activities including basic worksheets and definition matches.

Each segment is coloured a different colour and features both American and Australian English (to the best of my knowledge)*.


Current Topics:

★ Senses - smell, taste, sound, sight and touch

★ Virtues

★ Character Traits- strengths, positive, negative and mixed traits

★ Colours/Colors

★ Feelings- happy, positive, negative and mixed feelings

★ Words of Measure- certainty, speed, quantity, size and intelligence

★ Adverbs

★ Weather

★ Said (said and speech)

★ Animal Features and Habitats

★ Other Parts of Speech (prepositions, conjunction, interjection, pronouns)

★ Movement (movement, went, action)

★ Collections

★ Performances


Contents of this package:

★ Contents Explanation and Lesson Plan (4 pages)

★ Word List Posters- Lower and Upper List (76 pages)

★ Editable Presentation- include words used in sentence, definition, antonyms, synonyms, morphology and phonemes (1000+ pages)

★ Definitions- Teacher Reference (76 pages)

★ Student Word Lists (76 pages)

★ Small Flash Cards- 12 to a page (152 pages)

★ Large Flash Cards- 2 to a page (912 pages)

★ Activities and Worksheets (~200 pages)

★ Word Wall Display (5 page)

★ Ranking Vocabulary Poster (1 page)

★ Bracelet Designs (students choose word to add) (13 pages)



Want to try before you buy? Try the Animal Features and Habitats Vocabulary Pack for free.


* The editable PowerPoints only come in Australian English. Simple use your spell checker to update these to America English.


→Other than where stated, this product is not editable ←

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

It has everything I’ve been looking for in a vocabulary pack. I can’t wait to use it!

Fiona Beament

The growth in my class was amazing after using this resource.


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